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Clik accessories
1601A02 - M-Hook

Retractable rod equipped with exclusive magnetic clip to retrieve Clik in an extremely fast and intuitive way.

79,90 euro
(recommended price)
1601A01 - Hook

Twin retractable rod without magnetic clip. Same design of M-Hook, resistant hook

34,90 euro
(recommended price)
1501A03 - Wired actuator

For the users of Clik Gold version, and for those who want the actuator in the dashboard.

24,90 euro
(recommended price)
1501A04 - Sinker

Ballast for the sinking of the mooring line connected to Clik.

29,90 euro
(recommended price)
1601A05 - M-Hook Tip

Tip with magnetic clip.

59,90 euro
(recommended price)
Clik spare parts
1501R03 - Wireless actuator

Additional remote control for GOLD version.

29,90 euro
(recommended price )
1501R04 - Wired transponder

Transponder module for wired version.

89,90 euro
(recommended price)
1501R05 - Wireless transponder

Transponder module for wireless version.

109,90 euro
(recommended price)
1501R06 - Holder to the rail

Full holder to the rail.

24,90 euro
(recommended price)
1501R07 - US TX

Ultrasonic transmitter for the hull

69,90 euro
(recommended price)
1601R02 - M Hook clip

M Hook clip as spare part

9,90 euro
(recommended price)
1601R01 - Magnetic clip

Magnetic clip spare part for M-Hook.

24,90 euro
(recommended price)
User video guide
Clik- Startup video guide, change of minimum operation depth and error messages
Clik - contents of the package and installation video guide
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