pme mare

Diving buoy for the recovery of traps, nets and fishing equipment.

Accessories - GO!UP
1804A01 - Directional rod for tx us

Retractable rod to be applied to the transducer, it allows to direct the transducer and increase the range of the command (up to 100 m).

1804A04 - HMPE cable for fishing equipment

Extension cable to be placed between the fishing equipment and GO!UP; Minimum section (2mm) limits the movement of fishing equipment in case of marine currents. 400 kg tensile strenght.

1602A01 - Clip to the rail

Clip allowing to place GO! UP on the rail, it allows solar charging when the buoy is not in use.

1804A02 – GO!UP NEO Additional buoy
1804A03 – Additional call module (clone)
Spare parts - GO!UP
1804R01 - Call module

Call module for GO!UP (excluding the transducer).

1804R02 - Trasducer us

Ultrasonic transmitter of the call module.

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