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The first sinking buoy with remote controlled
lift to be used for the recovery of the mooring line.

Clik Easy does not need any installation, neither on the boat nor on the quay, and no authorization is required from the port authorities. It is immediately ready for use! When the boat is in port, Clik is on board always efficient and clean.
Clik is a portable system, in case of absence from the berth it does not prevent the sub-rent or theft of the device itself. It is extremely fast, both in the descent (about 5 seconds) and in the ascent (about 10 seconds).
Clik Easy has the automatic recall device integrated in the boat-hook without remote control!

Thanks to Clik, you can pick up the moorings at the bow without sliding the line manually from one end of the boat to the other, simplifying, speeding up and making mooring more secure.


CLIK is a device that does not hamper transiting boats and does not come into contact with the propellers because it does not remain on the surface: this gavitello, connected at the end of the moorings, sinks with them at their release, and rises to the surface called by the command, housed inside MHOOK-e. CLIK holds a self-winding belt, that is connected via a carabiner to the mooring line. CLIK returns to surface rolling off its tape.
The buoy recovery is extremely easy thanks to the special magnetic device placed on MHOOK-e. Once hoisted CLIK on board, retrieving its belt, we will have the rope on hand ready for mooring. CLIK does not need any chargers because it relies on the energy of the sun thanks to its 4 high efficiency solar cells. Equipped with twilight sensor: it activates its LED illuminators for night use.

CLIK is a patented product, completely made in Italy


Immediately ready for use: any installation of lift command is required on the boat. With CLIK EASY the call system is housed into the hook!

Step 1
You just have to fasten the ballast to your mooring line, and you'll be ready to use Clik.

Step 2
To call Clik you only have to dip the end of MHOOK-e into the water to send CLIK's lift command.

  • Once you buy it is Ready and operational!

  • Experienced staff isn't needed. Simply use a carabiner to secure it to the mooring line

  • Any port authorization
    Click is a portable device to be stored in the boat when not in use

  • No maintenance no wearing part

  • Equipped with lighting apparatus to facilitate the identification in the night, it will always be found, even in the dark

  • Equipped with a magnetic clip.
    It simplifies the fastening and the subsequent securing of the device to the boat

  • It avoids that whoever performs the mooring touches the rope. No more mooring lines fouling the boat or wounded hands.

  • Mooring procedures become quicker and simpler, you can perform it safely and lonely, even on large boats

  • Completely autonomous green, powered by the sun. Always ready for use!

And also......

If required, the following accessories and spare parts are available

  • Safe

    It reduces and simplifies the docking procedure

  • Ecological

    It only uses the sun to be recharged

  • Innovative

    Covered by an international patent application

  • Autonomous

    Internal battery of the latest generation without maintenance

  • Portable

    No fixed installation to the berth

  • Smart

    Activated simply by pressing a button

  • Economic

    No consumables, no maintenance

  • Protected

    Encoded and recorded transmission system antitheft

  • Lightweight and compact

    About 1500 grams, diameter 200mm

  • Tireless

    Autonomy over 10 cycles / day

  • Reliable

    Waterproof – Shockproof

  • Practical

    extending tape and automatic rewind


1501P01 - Clik GOLD

It is necessary to install the control module on the boat

Wireless actuator
Operating Depth 8m
Night illuminators
Up to 100 cycles without recharging
M-Hook - retractable rod with magnetic clip
Ballast for sinking

1701P01 - Clik EASY

No Installation, ready to use!

MHOOK-e retractile bar with magnetic hook and integrated command module
Operating depth 8 mt
Night lighting
Up to 100 cycles without charging
Sinking ballast

Technical specifications


made in italy
Clik is covered by international patent request. This product was designed, engineered and assembled in Italy the only one without installation in the boat and on the quay

+39 392.0155052
Registered Office:
Via Parucco, 18
10044 Pianezza (TO)