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The first smart buoy for the recovery of the mooring line


The product is directed to the possessor of a vessel, with length between 6 and 20 meters stationing in a berth, within a port, both short and long term, which uses a submerged mooring line for the docking. This type of docking is typical in the Mediterranean Sea, but it is known and used also in other areas of the World.


made in italy
Clik is covered by international patent request. This product was designed, engineered and assembled in Italy.

  • Safe

    It reduces and simplifies the docking procedure

  • Ecological

    It only uses the sun to be recharged

  • Innovative

    Covered by international patent request

  • Autonomous

    Internal battery of the latest generation without maintenance

  • Portable

    No fixed installation to the berth

  • Smart

    Activated simply by pressing a button

  • Economic

    No consumables, no maintenance

  • Protected

    Encoded and recorded transmission system antitheft

  • Lightweight and compact

    About 1500 grams, diameter 200mm

  • Tireless

    Autonomy over 10 cycles / day

  • Reliable

    Waterproof – Shockproof

  • Practical

    extending tape and automatic rewind


It's commonly known the docking system executed recovering the mooring rope of boats moored with the stern (or bow) facing the quay, or a rope connected at one end to the catenary and the other end to the dock that will deposit on the seabed when not in use.

numero 1The recovery of the mooring rope will happen only when the boat will be very close to the dock, catching the line by hook or by hand; the operation continues by sliding the line to the bow of the boat, hoisting the rope, and then fixing it to the bow of the boat.

The rope, stationing under the seabed of the port, gets dirty of algae, barnacles, mud, and during recovery can injure who executes the operation. For the same reasons this rope can dirty the deck of the boat. Being an operation that takes some time, if self-executed there's an elevated risk of collision with other boats nearby, until the rope is not attached at the bow, and in case of adverse weather conditions the risk is worsened . Both in case of mooring, and in case of sailing there is the possibility that the rope get tangled in the rudders and propellers causing the stalling of the motors or the block of rudders , with possible damage.

numero 1Fasten the mooring rope to a floating buoy; When dockingit it is firstly hoisted by means of a hook, and then it is hoisted through a rope to the bow of the boat.

The floating buoy is an object that may come into contact with the propellers and rudders during the mooring operation, causing stalling of the engine and the block of rudders, with possible damage of the organs. In case of bad weather and sea conditions , even a boat in transit can go collided with the buoy, and have the same problems. in many marinas it is forbidden to use this system.

CLIK actually avoids the use of the mooring rope or the classic floating buoy!

Clik is a revolutionary product, simple and easy to use.
It simplifies and optimizes berthing time in a comfortable and intuitive way.
Just plug its extensible tape at the mooring rope through a carabiner, install given ballast and make it sink when you set sail. When docking, just by pressing his command, Clik emerges ready to be hoisted on board by means of a classic hook or by the exclusive retractable bar with magnetic clip. You snap it to its magnetic holder to the rail and recover the mooring line connected to Clik, its tape automatically rewinds and you just have to complete the docking.
Simple, fast, safe and clean, Clik eliminates any contact with the mooring line which is commonly dirty, being in permanent immersion, solving the possibility of injuring your hands and soiling your boat or its neighboring ones. You can find it even in the dark thanks to its lighting system.
No maintenance required.
Clik is charged exclusively by the sun, thanks to its low power consumption any charger is necessary.
Clik uses an innovative system of coded ultrasonic communication that allows its ascent when called. An ultrasonic transducer is placed inside the hull below the water line, and transmits the encoding when you press the command.
Clik in the Silver version is equipped with wired control to the TX module.
If you choose the Gold version it is not necessary to wire the control, the installation is reduced and simplified.
M-Hook the extensible magnetic hook which makes the recovery of Clik even more simple and fast.

How to install

Step 1
Place the transducer with the proper mastic in a position below the waterline of the hull. Power the TX module through the electrical system of the boat.

Step 2
If you have chosen the GOLD model with its wireless control it is not necessary to run the cables!

Step 3
Hang Clik to the magnetic holder to the rail and connect it through a carabiner to the mooring line.

  • Once you buy it is Ready and operational!

  • Experienced staff isn't needed. Simply use a carabiner to secure it to the mooring line

  • Any port authorization
    Click is a portable device to be stored in the boat when not in use

  • No maintenance no wearing part

  • Equipped with lighting apparatus to facilitate the identification in the night, it will always be found, even in the dark

  • Equipped with a magnetic clip.
    It simplifies the fastening and the subsequent securing of the device to the boat

  • It avoids that whoever performs the mooring touches the rope. No more mooring lines fouling the boat or wounded hands.

  • Mooring procedures become quicker and simpler, you can perform it safely and lonely, even on large boats

  • Completely autonomous green, powered by the sun. Always ready for use!

And also......

If required, the following accessories and spare parts are available

1501P01 - Clik Silver

Complete hard-working

Wired actuator
Operating depth 5 mt
Up to 50 cycles without recharging
M-Hook tip supplied
Ballast for sinking

519.00 euro
(recommended price)

1501P02 - Clik Gold

Without compromises, all standard

Wireless actuator
Operating Depth 8m
Night illuminators
Up to 100 cycles without recharging
M-Hook - retractable rod with magnetic clip
Ballast for sinking

619.00 euro
(recommended price)

1501P03 - Clik Gold Dual

To manage 2 moornig lines of large boats

wireless actuator
Operating Depth 8m
Night illuminators
Up to 100 cycles without recharging
M-Hook - retractable rod with magnetic clip
Double buoy
One command to enable both
Ballast for sinking

1099.00 euro
(recommended price)

Technical specifications
+39 392.0155052
Registered Office:
Via Parucco, 18
10044 Pianezza (TO)