pme mare

From 20 to 25 September 2016
PME Mare took part at the

56 ° Genoa Boat Show

After the success of the Smart Buoy CLIK, PME Mare presented in preview its new product Grippy.

The anchor buoy in its intelligent version allows to anchor safely and without worries.
Thanks to a GPS system, simply by pressing a button on the console, it is able to notify immediately if your boat is drifting.
The system avoids annoying false alarms monitoring the actual movement of the anchor, and not the boat that rotates around it, as the most common systems currently on the market are doing, be they applications for smartphones or navigation systems.

For the second consecutive year
we were selected and subsequently rewarded
by ADI Association for Industrial Design
with the recognition plaque

for the following reason:
Selection for the evolution of the product, integration with devices to increase safety especially in the bay.

From 30 September to 5 October, 2015
PME Mare was at the

55 ° Genoa Boat Show

presenting for the very first time
time its new product CLIK

The smart buoy that attracted the attention of the public and professionals,
crowding the stand, showing us their appreciation
and giving us the great emotions that feed the passion for our work.

During the event we were selected by an international jury and subsequently rewarded

among the top 10 show products,
getting the nomination for the ADI Design Index.

The annual publication of ADI - Association for Industrial Design which gathers the best Italian design.

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