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The still missing anchor buoy!

  • Self-adjusting

    according to the depth of the seabed and it lays exactly on the anchor vertical axis

  • Visible during the night

    Automatic luminous warnings makes the buoy visible during the night

  • Water sensor

    for automatic switching of night light signals

  • Technological

    It keeps the technological content of the buoy Clik to guarantee reliability

  • Ecological

    Solar charging without battery charger

  • Practical

    Practical hooks on the bottom for easy buoy recovery after use

  • Strong

    Tensile strenght of the buoy rope more than 600 kg

  • Visible

    Daytime indicator making the buoy extremely visible in the bay


Grippy is a technologically friendly anchor buoy, simple and intuitive in its use. Product of sophisticated design, completely made in Italy, awarded by the ADI, industrial design association in Genoa 2016.

Unique in its kind, it is equipped with 2 waterproof chambers where there are sheltered mechanical and electrical components, maintenance free, this feature avoids possible malfunctions caused by salt. Round sectioning of its rope prevents possible jams during its release or recovery. Extremely light and compact (diameter 20 cm, for 1.2 kg weight only) always has a place in the boat. The holder to the is standard in the Light version. The first anchor buoy equipped with a rope of 25 meters (15 meters for the Basic version) usable on any seabed. The buoy rope is made of very strong braided HMPE able to release the blocked anchor without any problem.

Grippy is equipped with hooks placed on its bottom: in the final stage of the anchor recovery Grippy will tilt exposing the rings, easily handy with the hook. It automatically adjustes according to the depth of the seabed and remains exactly on the vertical axis of the anchor. It is equipped with a visual day indicator, removable for easy storage of the anchor buoy in the locker.
Grippy in the Light version is equipped with a water sensor that allows the automatic activation of night light signals, and uses exclusively the sun to recharge.

How it works

Step 1: Fasten the buoy rope to anchor crown
Step 2: The buoy automatically becomes operational in contact with water (grippy light version)
Step 3: The rope automatically unwinds when it flows to the seabed
Step 4: After the anchorage, the buoy floats on the vertical axis of the anchor allowing the localization
Step 5: In case of stuck anchor, you can relesase it by approaching to the anchor buoy and by retreaving it the anchor refloats to be easily hoisted
Step 6: It indicates the anchor position and thanks to its unique design its function is identified and it is distinguished from other floating objects

1602P01 - Grippy Basic

Rope lenght 15 mt
HMPE braided rope
Removable visual indicator
Self-regulation of the buoy rope
Self-recoiling buoy rope
Tensile strenght of buoy rope > 600 Kg

1602P02 - Grippy Light

Night lighting
Rope lenght 25 mt
Grippia in trecciato HMPE
Solar battery charge
Removable visual indicator
Holder to the rail
Self-regulation of the buoy rope
Self-recoiling buoy rope
Tensile strenght of buoy rope > 600 Kg

Technical specifications
+39 392.0155052
Registered Office:
Via Parucco, 18
10044 Pianezza (TO)